Clean your House Effortlessly

As the saying goes “Cleanliness is next to godliness” but if you are running around all day from dusk till dawn, no matter how godlike you are feeling how can you be in a mood to clean?
We propose some tips that will help you buy yourself some extra free time.
  1. Prioritize what is most important to clean first, especially if you have limited space. If you live with your family, share all chores with your family’s other members too. If all of you undertake some basic chores daily – or on a weekly basis – the house will be kept clean and orderly without a lot of effort.
  2. Make sure you return anything you might use in its rightful place, in order to avoid clutter in all common spaces, like the living room, the kitchen and the bathroom. Anyways, according to Feng Shui, messiness costs you money.
  3. Dusting, vacuuming and mopping should be done in a particular day within the week in order not to neglect the cleanliness of the house.
  4. The most correct way to clean the house and its rooms, is to start from top to bottom. Especially while dusting you should always start from top to bottom in order not to transfer the dust from one place to another. As far as vacuuming is concerned, always start from the inner corners of each room and move towards the corners that are closest to the doors and windows.
  5. Whenever you are finished with a room, take your cleaning supplies and tools with you while you move on to next room and close the door behind you so the room doesn’t get dirty again.
  6. Clean the doors! That is the first part of the house that your guests, but also you, see. Have you ever noticed that when the doors are clean, the whole house looks better? Start by scrubbing the door with a cloth from top to bottom, and then clean the cloth in a small basin filled with soap and water.
  7. Dust goes everywhere and can easily destroy fabrics, curtains and furniture. Make sure not to leave the windows open all the time and try to use covers wherever you can. Don’t let the dust settle, because then you will be faced with an even thicker layer of dirt.
  8. Τοποθετήστε μια μεγάλη πιατέλα ή ένα καλαθάκι στην κουζίνα ή στον χώρο όπου βρίσκεται η είσοδος του σπιτιού σας για να ρίχνετε μέσα τα κλειδιά σας, τα κινητά σας κ.λπ. μικροπράγματα και να μη βρίσκονται σκορπισμένα σε όλα τα δωμάτια.
  9. Place large laundry baskets in the bathroom. That way you will never have clothes all over the place.
  10. Before you go to bed in the evening gather the living room and start the dishwasher. You will have lower energy bills and in the morning all your kitchenware will be clean and ready to be put into place.


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